Germany on the Precipice: Left Alternatives to Fascism, 1904-1949

BY the first half of the twentieth century, many European countries had entered a state of turmoil and few were as dangerous and unpredictable as Germany. As the old Empire began to falter and the nation gradually fell into the clutches of the Weimar Republic, a dark shadow began to cast its length across the entire continent and once the nationalists had started to form alliances with the ruling class more drastic solutions were called for at home. These rare essays, pamphlets and manifestos feature a variety of leading Strasserites, communists, National Bolsheviks, socialists, feminists and various other anti-capitalist elements who took a defiant stand against the rise of totalitarianism and the increasing threat it posed to the German people. Contents include The ‘Trautenau Programme’ of the German Workers’ Party (Alois Ciller); The ‘Iglau Programme’ of the Original German Workers’ Party (Walter Riehl & Rudolf Jung); The ‘Vienna Programme’ of the German National Socialist Workers’ Party (Rudolf Jung); The Programme of the German Socialist Party (Alfred Brunner); Nation and Working-class (Heinrich Laufenberg & Fritz Wolffheim); The League of Communists (Heinrich Laufenberg & Fritz Wolffheim); Unpublished Letter Calling Hitler to Order (Gottfried Feder); The Draft ‘Hanover Programme’ aka The Strasser Programme (Gregor Strasser, Otto Strasser & Josef Goebbels); A Proposed Revision to the NSDAP Programme by the ‘Social-Revolutionary Left of the NSDAP’ (Karl Otto Paetel); The Socialists leave the NSDAP! (Otto Strasser); The Communist Party of Germany’s ‘National Bolshevist’ Programme (Central Committee of the German KPD); Clear Fronts! (Karl Otto Paetel); A National Socialist Feminist Writes to Hitler (Sophie Rogge Börner); The Manifesto of the Black Front (Otto Strasser); Speech on ‘Possedism’ at the Bonn am Rhein Whitsunday Celebrations (Ernst Röhm); Extracts from ‘Der Possedismus; (Fritz Kloppe); Right or Left? (Hans Zehrer); Introduction to the National Bolshevist Manifesto (Karl Otto Paetel); The Marburg Speech (Franz von Papen); Manifesto of the National Committee for a Free Germany to the Wehrmacht and to the German People (National Committee for a Free Germany); The ‘Ahlen Programme’ (CDU Zone Committee); and Is There a Special German Road to Socialism? (Anton Ackermann).



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